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Built-in cooker with ceramic hob

  • Illuminated knobs

    Illuminated knobs

  • Defrosting


  • Energy class A

    Energy class A

Built-in cooker with ceramic hob

    • Illuminated knobs
    • Preheating in 4 minutes

      Are you in a constant rush, and have no time for anything? This function preheats the oven quickly to the desired temperature. By activating the ring and bottom heater, or the super grill and fan, you can use the full power to quickly heat the oven. It can be turned on some time before you put anything in, so you can be sure everything is done on time!

    • Number of oven functions: 10
    • Oven type: electric
    • Timer

      Specify how long the hob should run. When the time is up, the hob automatically turns off the heating zone, and beeps. Now you can use the Timer as an egg timer. With the Hansa hobs, a soft-boiled egg won’t ever turn out to be hard-boiled. Have full control over time!

    • HeatControl

      The function informs you whether the zone is hot after taking the pot off the hob. For temperatures above 60°C, the letter 'H' appears on the display panel. Between 45°C and 60°C, the letter 'h' appears. Make your kitchen work more safe!

    • Minute minder
    • Mirror glass
  • Equipment

    • SteamCleaning

      With a special steam system, cleaning the oven won't be a burden anymore. The steam softens soiled surfaces and the cleaning process is limited to pouring 1 glass of water on a tray, turning the oven on at 50°C and leaving it for 30 minutes. The dirt softened by steam will be easily removed with the use of a sponge with water and some washing-up liquid. Grease spots and other soiled surfaces will disappear without the use of harmful chemicals.

    • Drying shelf: 1
    • Recipes on the door
    • Easy-cleaning door system

      You know how difficult it is to clean the oven door and panes, and especially their edges and corners. The doors in Hansa ovens are equipped with special hinges that allow quick and easy removal. With the clips, you can remove the doors, and clean them safely. After removing the door, you gain better access to the inside of the oven, and you can clean it easily.

    • TouchFree

      Have you had enough of getting rid of fingerprint smears and other stains from your oven front? We have a solution! Hansa oven fronts are made of inox sheet, and are covered with a special, smooth coating which prevents debris from collecting. You can keep the oven front clean without the need to frequently wipe it.

    • Defrosting

      You’re craving some tasty meatballs. But first, you have to defrost them. No problem! Put them in the oven and activate the Defrosting function. The meatballs will be ready in an instant, and you can savour their delectable taste.

    • Display
    • HotAir circulation

      The HotAir feature recirculates the hot air in the oven to maintain a uniform temperature. The HotAir feature uses the bottom heater and the top heater or ring heater. Each HotAir oven has a fan to recirculate the hot air uniformly throughout the oven interior.

    • Catalytic cleaning - 1 catalytic panel
    • EasyClean enamel
    • Type of front 3-glazed door
    • Fan-assisted heating
    • Type of trays: flat trays: 2, deep tray: 1
    • Tray surface: Procook
    • Side racks
    • Standard lighting
    • Supergrill

      Want to have a good BBQ at any time of the year? Now it’s possible with the Hansa oven! With the Supergrill function, you can grill bigger meat portions, knowing that they’ll be delicate inside, and have a deliciously crispy skin.

    • Tts programmer

      Thanks to the application of sensor control, the control panel is very easy to monitor and operate. With the Tts sensor programmer it is easy to control the cooking time and to set the time when the oven switches off.

  • Heating Zones

    • HiLight dual heating zone 12/18 cm (0.7/1.7 kW)
    • HiLight oval heating zone 14/14 x 25 cm (1.1/2 kW)
    • HiLight single heating zone 14.5 cm (1.2 kW)
    • HiLight single heating zone 18 cm (1.8 kW)
  • Technical data

    • Width 56 cm
    • Oven capacity 65 l
    • Supergrill 2000 W
    • Top heater 900 W
    • Bottom heater 1100 W
    • Ring heater 2000 W
    • Total power 9.6 kW
    • Energy consumption for fan-forced mode 0.88 kWh
    • Type of hob: Ceramic
    • Number of heating zones / burners 4 pcs.
    • Colour Inox
    • Energy class A
    • Energy consumption for conventional mode 0.99 kWh
    • Hob surface glass
    • Controls: Sensor control system
    • Cavity colour: Grey
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