Tasty family meals

You have various types of equipment to choose from: free-standing cookers or built-in hobs and ovens. Both the free-standing cookers and the hobs may use induction, electric ceramic or gas technology. It is all up to you. The key is to ensure you have the right number of hobs or cooking zones, suitable for the utensils you usually use.

Kitchens that meet your needs

Cleanliness is essential in both small studios and open-plan kitchens. This is easiest to achieve with induction and ceramic hobs. Cleaning a ceramic hob is virtually a matter of moments, and is a great choice if you are not wanting to spend your spare time cleaning.

Hansa gas hobs are perfect for cooking enthusiasts, as the smooth flame control, variety of hob sizes, and stable cast-iron pans support your efforts, together helping you to cook your favourite meals quickly and reliably every day. With them, you will be able to cook like a chef. 

Quick, robust and efficient!

Achieving culinary excellence is much easier with Hansa. The Auto ignition in the knob that comes with gas hobs allows you to light the hobs in no time. The large Booster and WOK hobs, intended for frying meats and vegetables in large pots and pans, are bound to win everyones attention.

An interesting feature of our induction hobs is the Bridge function, which connects two cooking zones to create a single large one. This allows you to cook with even a large roasting pan on the hob.

Hansa ovens come with the rapid preheating function. This allows them to warm up to 150°C in just 4 minutes. Putting a meal straight into a preheated oven significantly shortens the cooking time. 

Comfort and safety

Our modern Hansa equipment ensures maximum safety. A good example of this is the flame safety valve for our gas hobs, which cuts off the flow of gas immediately after the flame dies. You can rest assured that even with small kids around – the Child Lock in our ovens and hobs will prevent them from being switched on or having the settings changed by accident. If you want full safety, you should consider buying an induction hob. Our induction technology uses a magnetic field and ensures that only the pot or pan is heated, while the remaining surface of the hob stays cool.

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